How to easily integrate Instapaper in your Twitter world

Tired of mailing interesting links to yourself? Favouring tweets to remind yourself to copy/paste URL’s or add to bookmarks and stuff? Instapaper does just that. For years. Find out how to integrate it into Twitter.

When I saw that my – very very digital savvy – collegue-sort-of-in-the-same-building Anneli still battled this issue I knew I had to help ya’ll out :) *

You want this?

Wandering through your timeline.. you suddenly Stumble Upon an interesting tweet with a nice article. But as we all experience (busy little billable people that we are) we have no time at the moment, but sure do want to read it later!

tweet with interesting link

Wouldn’t we just want to hit the export button and select ‘Read it Later’ (‘Lees later’ in Dutch)?

And Boom! It’s in my Instapaper? Look, it worked! (my Instapaper is typically on my iPad, set to load articles for offline access and since I’m doing this reading stuff more frequently at nightly hours I have set the color scheme of Instapaper to match this setting with light characters against a dark backdrop). Look how nifty:

And hell yeah, I can read it at my time, anytime.

Than you need this!

In order for this to work, you just need to make sure you tell your Twitter App to use Instapaper as your ‘Read Later’ platform. That’s all! To do that you have to find your settings, which are a bit hidden in the evolutionizedish UI of the (iPhone) app, I have to admit. Just go to you profile and hit the little wheel below your total tweet count and select Settings (‘Instellingen’ in Dutch):

and within the ‘Read Later’ section, select ‘Instapaper’. You probably have to give in your Instapaper account login/pass there. But I did this such a long time ago I really couldn’t tell.

Bamm. Bazoom. It’s that easy!
You’re instantly in Instapaper-Twitter business!

Have a nice read!

*) Why I wrote this post in English is a total mystery to me too. Sorry.


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8 Responses to How to easily integrate Instapaper in your Twitter world

  1. Thanx dude!! Oh, and the worst thing is that apparently I already had the damn thing installed but just didn’t use it properly. I’m such a loser sometimes.

  2. Anneke de Bundel schreef:

    Dank je wel. Goede tip!

  3. I have direct an account on made so now can I fore tan these things later read.

  4. Sabine De Witte schreef:

    I’m convinced. After 2 years ignoring it as I thought it was easy enough to browse through my e-mail. Now Mountain Lion screwed up search & find in my mailprogram. Thanks!

    • dutchanddonts schreef:

      Ja. Spread the word Sabine :) Maar idd wat is de search in Lion (sinds Snow & Mountain Lion) f*cked up he? Ik vind echt bijna niets meer. Slechts bij aan: en van: enzo. Terwijl ze er wel staan. Het is echt super klote. En de mailboxen opnieuw opbouwen en alle andere tips mogen bij mij niet echt baten :(((

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